Order of the Willow



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The Willow is given unto those who display both skill and joy with the more genteel arts. In pursuit of the craft of Elizabethan costuming, Lady Alanna Brigid O'Riordain has certainly proven herself worht of the recognition which We may bestow as We see fit. Thus, unto all to whom these presents come, let it be known that We, Elayna, Queen of the Middle Kingdom and Patroness of the Arts, and Dag, Our King, wish to recognize Lady Alanna as Companion of Our Order of the Willow. We grant unto her all the rights and responsibilities attendant upon this rank and the right to bera the badge: Purpure, a willow tree eradicated Or. Given by Our hands this tenth day of June, Anno Societatis XXXV, in Our Shire of Narrental.